What Our Customers Are Saying

Our team of doctors started ClipperPro because we didn't want to see our patients continue to struggle and experience pain during a normal task like nail clipping.

We're thankful to say that our customers are well taken care of by not only our products but our service as well.

Based on 60 reviews

Found this very awkward to use.
Not a fan.

It is difficult to use, and only works intermittently

I need a bigger nail chipper the toes nail are bigger

Extremely helpful nail clipper

I had peripheral neuropathy and I had difficult trimming my toenails and this product seems to be very helpful.

Very helpful

I’m approaching the age where I have cataracts so it’s hard to see. I also like that it had a light and it catches all the nail clippings.

Grest Product

It was very efficient!

High Quality item

Other clippers fall apart and this blade is much stronger and I want something that’s high quality.

Ergonomically Easier

I am excited for this product to cut my toe nails. It’s seems to be sturdier and it seems to be easier to hold in your hands.

Great design

It’s a great product! Love the handle on the toenail clipper and love that it rotates.

Unique find!

It’s a unique product that I haven’t seen this style before. This will be great for the corner of my toes and fingers.

Easier nail trimming

Having shoulder surgery soon and i think this product will help me with making trimming my nails easier after.

This was heavy duty!

I need a heavy duty nail clipper!

Upgraded version of the traditional nail clipper

The regular toenails are shaky and this one seems strong & sturdy.

Great design

I liked the light & magnifying feature. It’ll come in handy for me often!

Arthritic Friendly clippers!

The grip and the ease of the clippers is great. The magnifier clippers are amazing as well!

Finally a product that works!

This is going to be great to cut my husband’s toe nails. He’s been looking for a product for a long time and this will be perfect for what he needs.

Better Quality

We are going to use it to be able to finally cut our own finger and toenails. We have used so many cheap ones in the past and they don't hold up. Excited for a product that holds up and is easy to use.

Extremely helpful nail clipper

I had peripheral neuropathy and I had difficult trimming my toenails and this product seems to be very helpful.

Different design

It was uniquely designed and caught my attention.

Great design

I bought this because I have trouble seeing to trim my nails and the magnifier clipper was the perfect solution. My husband got the toe nail trimmer!

Best clippers ever!

Clipper pro has made cutting my toenails so much easier. I have major back problems and trying to cut them with traditional clippers can be straining. Can’t recommend these enough.

Helpful Light

I would recommend the magnifier clipper. The light and magnigier are so handy and as people age like me it makes it so much easier.

Taking the hassle out of a mundane task

The clipper pros are easy and comfortable to use. I am a big fan!

ClipperPro Fingernail Clippers

I have been using ClipperPro and it makes fingernail clipping so much easier. The clippers are easy to use and come in beautiful colors. I love how the clippers are designed by grip strength! It is a genius invention as I don't drop them. I love how the blade is wider, I feel like I can see what I am doing better. The swivel blade helps me be precise when cutting my nails. I also love how the blade locks into place when I use it. Overall, this is a great high quality product. I will be recommending it to others!

Would recommend this interesting new design

My husband has some disabities and ClipperPro has made it so much easier for him and for me as I assist with cutting his toenails.