ClipperPro® Superior Nail

✔️ No more pain or struggling with traditional clippers!
✔️ Designed by doctors for better care.
✔️ Ergonomically made to fit the palm of your hand.
✔️ Superior adaptive clippers with a winning and patented design [Pat NO. 10,076,827].
✔️ Over 350,000 sold worldwide!

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Combining Our Decades of Experience Using Precision
Surgical Instruments

Modern, Patented Design

State of the Art Manufacturing

Ergonomic Force Multiplying Mechanism

We created the ultimate fingernail and toenail clippers.


The handles are derived from surgical instruments designed to be held in the palm of the hand rather than the
fingertips giving users an improved grip.

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Blade Rotates 180°

The 180° blade rotation allows the user to place the blade in a comfortable position before clipping.

Blade Locks

ClipperPro’s blade locks in place when pressure is applied to handle which ensures an accurate cut.

Double Action Mechanism

Cutting your nails is much easier with ClipperPro’s double action mechanism, requiring very little strength to operate.

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