“Even with severe arthritis in my hands I can use this without a lot of discomfort and my husband is finally able to trim those horribly thick toenails of his.”

— Vicki Baker-Holton

“I'm 79 and don't have as much strength in my hands as I used to. All the clippers I've had before have had chrome/slippery surfaces that were hard to grip or had handles that were too short to have good leverage for actually cutting through nails.”

— Bob in Vegas

“I was able to use this clipper even with my right hand in a cast. I love that you can angle the head and that it is so easy to use with weak and damaged hands. Great value for the money.”

— Barbara L Jones

“I love the flexibility (& sharpness) of the cutting part of the clippers. I also like the weight, as my arthritic fingers often dropped the old, lightweight clippers I used to try to use (often without success). Overall, I am very pleased with these clippers. You get what you pay for...”

— Florence

“Just completed 1st clipping! These are great. They look and feel like they’ll last a lifetime!”


“... they are the very best clippers I’ve ever used. I’d love to buy another as a gift.”


“Great for mobility-challenged”

— Pauline Wild

Best invention since the wheel”

I was so impressed with this product! Cutting my nails has always been a chore until now. I bought the CLIPPERPRO and my life is now complete. I love this product. This is the best nail clipper I've ever used.

— Jon Walker

“I upgraded my order with a second set for my brother … he clips the nails of our elderly parents, both of whom are diabetic.”


“They far exceed my expectations. I didn’t wait 5 minutes from opening the package to clip my fingernails. I look forward to trying them on my toes.”


“The cutting mechanism and swiveling head is amazing.”


“You can’t compare these nail clippers to others because these are in a class all alone!”