I’ve already cut my nails with them and they work great. So much easier to use than a traditional clipper. My mother who is 80 years old and has a lot of problems gripping had a try and also found them simple to use so I will be looking to order a second pair.
— Kickstarter Backer - gernic
I received mine a while ago and I think they are the very best clippers I’ve ever used. I’d love to buy another for a gift.
— Greg Rivers
I trimmed my nails recently, so I tried them on my toes and I have to say I am impressed. They clip and adjust effortlessly, and my nails don’t need to be filed after since they clip so cleanly. The clippings didn’t go flying all over the place either and I really wished I had picked up another pair during the Kickstarter! Fantastic product!
— Kickstarter Superbacker - Talk Nerdy To Me
I upgraded my order, after you were funded, with a second set for my brother as a {belated} Christmas gift. Not only can my brother take advantage of the brilliant design for his own needs, but he also clips the nails of our elderly parents, both of whom are diabetic. I thought my brother would appreciate the swivel head and having a substantial handle to hold onto, as he is a large man being over 6 feet tall with large hands.
Thank you for what you do.
— Vanessa Kelly
I received my clippers Friday and I gave them to the wife and she loves them. They are very well built and easy to use. Thank you for a great product. Now how do I buy more so I can gift them to family and friends?
— Kickstarter Superbacker - David U
I joined kickstarter years ago to find innovative and intelligent products. This clipper is one of the best pledge I have ever received. Thanks a lot.
— kickstarter backer - B.
Received mine today and they far exceed my expectations. They are so easy to use and I didn’t wait 5 minutes from opening the package to clipping my nails. I’m looking forward to trying them on my toes (when’s the last time you heard someone excited about that?)
— Jordan Dinga
Just completed my 1st clipping! These are great! Look and feel like they will last a lifetime!
— David Hager
5 Stars. Absolutely the best nail clipper I have ever used. Comfortable and easy to use. Virtually effortless cutting mechanism and the swiveling head is an amazing function.
— Amazon review - Suzanne B
5 stars. You can’t compare these nail clippers to other nail clippers because these are in a class all alone!
— Amazon Review - Curt Bloom

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