Orthopedic Surgeons Combine Their Decades of Experience Using Precision Surgical Instruments to Design and Engineer the CLIPPERPRO Omega Nail Clipper

LAS VEGAS, July 24, 2018 – Three orthopedic surgeons have used their decades of experience using surgically precise cutting instruments to create an innovative nail clipping device. Over the last eight years, these surgeons have been working meticulously with designers and engineers in order to condense the mechanics of a large and expensive surgical tool into a device that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand and is available at an affordable price. Once the Azurro Group had developed a successful prototype that met their standards, a production run was scheduled.

Most of the clippers from the initial production run were delivered to backers who had pledged money towards the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper’s successful campaign on Kickstarter.com. The Azurro Group’s campaign was fully funded within just three days of the launch, and by the end of the campaign, 2,268 backers had pledged a total of $90,287 in 30 days.

The design of the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper leads to significantly reduced pain for people who are afflicted with degeneration of the joint at the base of the thumb which makes the CLIPPERPRO an ideal hand tool for people suffering with arthritis.

Current nail clippers require odd, uncomfortable movements of the wrist, and a strong squeeze between the thumb and pointer finger to clip nails. Unlike most conventional clippers, the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper is designed to be held in the palm of the hand and ensures that the clipper does not rotate or shift while being used.

Two other unique features help the CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper differentiate itself from other clippers. Its patented force multiplying mechanism reduces the downward force usually required to get a precision cut. The CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper also features a unique swivel function that allows the blade to be rotated 180°. This allows the user to position their hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder in the most comfortable position when clipping their nails.

As orthopedic surgeons, the founders of Azurro Group have treated many patients suffering with joint issues. In an effort to help support arthritis research, the Azurro Group donated $1 for every CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper sold during their Kickstarter campaign to the Arthritis National Research Foundation. The Azurro Group is striving to make better hand powered tools that are designed to help people suffering with joint issues. They plan on continuing to work more with the Arthritis National Research Foundation in the future.

The CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper is ready for bulk orders, and is currently finishing a second production run. Please stop by Azurro Group’s booth at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas on July 29-31, 2018 at booth 42308 in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Section, Mandalay Bay Convention Center. You can visit CLIPPERPRO’s website at https://www.clipperpro.com/ for more details or email t.davis@azurrogroup.com for more information and scheduling requests.